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Exploring the city

One of the only good things about being unemployed in New York City is that I have plenty of time to wander around, taking in the newness of it all (while making a long list of all of the shops and restaurants I want to visit once I have a steady paycheck). On this afernoon’s ramble I came across an antiques store called The Upper Rust, filled with gorgeous painted wood furniture, tons of ironstone, and beautiful, unique art. I took a sneaky photo of this mirror to add to my “future apartment inspiration” file: At my friend’s recommendation, I also stopped by Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village. I got the Monday Sundae, a nutella-lined waffle cone filled with twist soft-serve, dulce de leche, sea salt, and whipped cream. Best decision ever. In addition to their other brilliant concoctions, Big Gay Ice Cream offers toppings like olive oil and sea salt, pumpkin butter, elderflower syrup, and sriracha(!). I will be taking all future visitors to this place.

Happy Weekend!

Everybody’s saying it, but I really can’t believe how quickly summer flew by! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, full of as much summer as you can possibly squeeze into three days. I’ll be daydreaming of my trip to Michigan last month… Can we go back?

Donut Plant

Next time you find yourself in New York City, please, please go to Doughnut Plant. I need to live vicariously through someone as they enjoy the most amazing carrot cake doughnut ever. Yes, that’s right. Carrot cake DOUGHNUT.

Café life

… A few weeks ago Brendan and I took an impromptu trip to New York to visit some friends and see the premiere of Upstream Color (highly recommended!). After the movie we ducked into this tiny café to decompress… I loved the marble tables, massive old espresso machine, and classic orange-striped dishes.