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Bentwood chairs

Although we probably won’t have a place of our own for a couple months (my saint of a best friend has taken us in for the time being), I’m still mentally planning out our future apartment. We sold a lot of the furniture from our last place, most of which was purchased only becauase it was super-cheap. However, one thing that I really, really hope works in our new place is a set of bentwood chairs that I found on Craigslist a while back. What’s that? No one in their right mind would try to fit six dining chairs into a New York apartment? Nah, it’ll be fine… [disappears under pile of chairs] After we moved into our last apartment, I began scouring Craigslist daily for some decent dining chairs. I settled, at first, for a mismatched set of windsor chairs. They were fine for a while, but the clashing wood tones drove me nuts. What I really wanted was something more like these Thonet-style bentwood chairs. I’m partial to the classic styles in brown …

Eva Zeisel ceramics

About a year ago, I bought this ceramic dish for $20 at a local flea market. The bottom was printed with “EZ 600,” but otherwise there were no identifying labels or markings. After I bought the piece, I kept spotting it in interiors features, casually placed on desks or nestled among other dishes. However, still no clues as to its origins. Fast-forward one year: I was flipping through old issues of Martha the other day, and there was my dish, part of a collection of dinnerware designed by Eva Zeisel (EZ!). A Hungarian-born industrial designer, Zeisel became well-known in the United States in the 1940s for her fluid, modernist designs. Her successful career spanned nine decades and her work has been featured in several major museums. I am loving the work of this new-to-me artist – I think the organic shapes are so beautiful. I’m hoping to stumble across a few more pieces. If I’m lucky, this might be my first “real” collection!

Flea market finds

My town’s big flea market was last weekend, and this year I decided to go a little early. Along with every single 80-year-old woman in my town. The market officially opens when the church bells ring at nine, and not one second before – they even string up caution tape to keep out early birds. It’s a serious affair. As soon as the bells started ringing, these little old ladies literally ripped through the caution tape and had their wallets out within seconds. It was awe-inspiring. I hope that when I’m 80 I’m still out there, fightin’ the good fight for a set of linen napkins and some mismatched dishes. The only thing that came home with me was this cute little basket, but the trip was totally worth it.

Flea market finds

Every summer, my town holds an awesome flea market and I always manage to come home with a few things. While I wait for this year’s market to roll around, here’s a look back at last year’s finds (pardon the terrible iPhone photos): … … 1. This little beauty now sits on my desk at work. A splurge at $20, it makes me smile every time I look at it so I call that a win. 2. The tiniest, most perfect apothecary jar, for cotton balls n’ such. 3. Set of 6 for $12. 4. Couldn’t resist this shiny, brassy bowl – I love the scalloped edges.