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Costello Home NYT

Now that we’ve renewed the lease on our apartment, I’m newly motivated to make this place our own and change the things that still bug me one year in.

First up is the sad, sad lighting situation. There’s only so much that pretty lamps can do when your main source of illumination is dated track lighting that creates an unflattering spotlight effect in every room. As much as I’d love to just rely on the lamps, the lack of daylight around here makes overhead lighting a necessity.

So I’m in the market for some inexpensive pendants and am reconsidering the humble paper lantern. Lately I’ve been seeing them crop up in some seriously chic spaces, like the living room of Sara Ruffin Costello (above), photographed for the New York Times.
Costello used another lantern in this NYC bachelor pad:

Sara Ruffin Costello living room

I’m thinking one oversized lantern for the living room and another for the bedroom? Then again, when juxtaposed with my crappy walls and knotty-pine molding, I’m not sure the lanterns will look quite so nice. I ordered a pendant adapter for track lighting so I may experiment with the effect in one room. It has to be better than the current spotlights!

Next on my list (well, my dream list, anyway—I do kind of want that security deposit back) would be painting the doors, trim, and baseboards a fresh, clean white. Hm…

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