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Apartment progress: IKEA Hyllis shelving units

Things are finally coming along! Over the past couple weeks I’ve been slowly but surely getting our place together, starting with the bedroom. I want this room to function as a cozy retreat, a place to read and hang out, and an office, which is a lot to squeeze into one room!

My biggest project so far (I have my boyfriend to credit here for the original idea) is a pair of near-ceiling-height bookshelves constructed of 8 galvanized steel IKEA Hyllis shelving units. At only $15 (we snagged ours on sale for $9), these shelves are so useful and provide lots of possibilities for customization., at under 5 feet tall, they weren’t nearly tall enough for the look we wanted. Plus we have a LOT of books.

Each unit is made up of 4 L-shaped shelving supports and 4 shelves, which fasten together with screws.
IKEA shelf DIY | raisonné blogAll of the holes are pre-drilled (love IKEA), so it’s pretty easy to connect multiple units together side-by-side by just matching up the holes and putting the screws all the way through both units. Still, that doesn’t solve the height issue. To make them taller, you’ll need to essentially combine 2 Hyllis units into one. Layer 2 shelving supports on top of each other to make each extra-long support, then screw in the shelves through both layers.
IKEA shelf DIY | raisonné blogThe most challenging part is getting the holes perfectly lined up so that the screw goes all the way through the layers. Because we were making extra-tall shelving units and connecting them side-by-side, in some spots there were 6 layers of metal to go through. In our last apartment, we did this without a power drill. Not recommended.
IKEA shelf DIY | raisonné blog And voilà! Extra-wide, extra-tall Hyllis shelves.
IKEA shelf DIY | raisonné blogI’ve been working on styling these and will post the after pictures soon!


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  2. Tamsin says

    I love this! Going to try exactly this next week, but paint them black! Just need to measure and see if they fit! Do you have any final photos yet? And how tall are they and did you screw them too the wall? LOVE

  3. Patsy says

    I was wondering if the shelfs where steady and strong enough to hold heavy items?

    • Yes, they are very sturdy! Mine have always been piled with big coffee-table books and have held up beautifully, even after being taken apart and put together again twice. If you go really high you may need to secure them to the wall for extra support, but I haven’t had an issue!

  4. Love this!! This is exactly what I have been looking for!! Can I ask the dimensions once combined?

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