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The New (old) Domino

Domino Magazine relaunch

Have you checked out the new issue of Domino? I know that there have been many conflicting thoughts on the return of the beloved shelter mag (no Deborah Needleman?), but for me the positives by far outweigh any negatives. Domino was my first decor love, consistently highlighting a style that I really connected to.

I thought the editors did a great job of re-establishing the Domino brand – it was nice to see familiar features, layouts, and even that great handwriting font. I’m also a huge fan of Suzanne and Lauren McGrath (the mother-daughter design team behind Good Bones, Great Pieces) so I was happy to see their work featured here.

So, in sum, I’m very happy to have Domino back in my life. I’m intrigued by the new e-commerce site and its possibilities for the future of this kind of print publishing. I’m hoping this issue becomes a jumping-off point for even more innovations to come for the magazine.

What are your thoughts on the relaunch?

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