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Kitchen inspiration

My roommate and I are planning some changes in our apartment’s kitchen. It’s a great space with tons of storage (she basically hit the NYC rental jackpot), but it needs something to spice it up visually. We won’t be making any major changes, but with a few tweaks I think we can make the space feel a little more custom.

For the cabinets, we both would love to switch out the hardware. To play off the white subway tile backsplash, we’re thinking of going with an eclectic farmhouse feel. White ceramic knobs fit the theme and would make the light wood cabinets a bit more interesting. We’re also thinking about taking off one or two cabinet doors to create some open shelving and break up the expanse of wood. I love the look of this single open cabinet:

Open kitchen shelving via Sketch 42 [via]

We’re wavering between a colorful rug or something more neutral against the dark tile floor. I’m wondering if a neutral rug might be too much with the light wood cabinets? And I do love the vibrancy that a bright rug can add:

Bright kitchen rug via Amber Interiors [via]
Bright kitchen rug via Lonny Magazine, Oct. '13 [via]

A few other ideas I’m toying with:

– a row of potted herbs on the windowsill
– bamboo or fabric rolling shade
– framed art leaning against the backsplash
– one barstool next to the rounded corner of the countertop
– a chalkboard on the open wall to the right of the window

More plans to come!

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