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Fall checklist

fall farmer's market | raisonné blog

When you’re searching for a job it’s so easy to become a hermit. I’ve been reminding myself that breaks are healthy and will ultimately make me more productive – plus, we’re in New York! It would be a shame to miss out on enjoying this beautiful season in the city. To keep myself accountable, I made a list of things that I want to do this fall:

1. Explore a new farmers’ market each weekend
2. Have friends over for mulled cider and pumpkin bread
3. Try out four new recipes
4. Track down apple cider doughnuts (I miss you, Vermont!)
5. Have a picnic in Central Park
6. Host a Halloween-themed movie night (Hocus Pocus, anyone?)
7. Take more pictures
8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

How about you? Any fun plans for the fall?

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  1. Hocus Pocus is the best! These past few years I’ve kind of disliked fall, but I’m getting excited again by remembering all of the lovely things it has to offer :)

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