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Vermont Farm Table

Right before I left Vermont for New York, I came across a very cool store in Burlington called Vermont Farm Table and filed it away in my brain. Although I’m no longer in VT, I still think this store is cool enough to share with you. In addition to a line of furniture and tabletop accessories made from reclaimed, local materials, they also sell custom dining tables, which definitely appeals to the perfectionist in me. If I had a big kitchen/dining area to furnish, this would be my first stop for sure. I do love a good farmhouse table.

Below are a few of my favorites. Believe me, these photographs don’t do justice to the texture of each piece. When I visited their studio I wanted to touch everything – the natural finishes of the wood, the soft, nubby linens, and the smooth ceramic glazes. I will definitely be back on my next trip up north.

Vermont Farm Table
French Farmhouse table in walnut.
Vermont Farm Table
Tavern table with walnut top and maple base.
Vermont Farm Table
Square Metal Stools.
French Paddle cutting board in tiger maple.

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