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Eva Zeisel ceramics

Eva Zeisel ceramics | raisonné blog
About a year ago, I bought this ceramic dish for $20 at a local flea market. The bottom was printed with “EZ 600,” but otherwise there were no identifying labels or markings.

After I bought the piece, I kept spotting it in interiors features, casually placed on desks or nestled among other dishes. However, still no clues as to its origins.

Fast-forward one year: I was flipping through old issues of Martha the other day, and there was my dish, part of a collection of dinnerware designed by Eva Zeisel (EZ!). A Hungarian-born industrial designer, Zeisel became well-known in the United States in the 1940s for her fluid, modernist designs. Her successful career spanned nine decades and her work has been featured in several major museums.

I am loving the work of this new-to-me artist – I think the organic shapes are so beautiful. I’m hoping to stumble across a few more pieces. If I’m lucky, this might be my first “real” collection!

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