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Two-minute projects

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good labor-intensive DIY project. Sometimes, though, life just gets a little too crazy to bust out the staple gun and power drill.

Such has been the case for me lately, so I’ve been getting my DIY fix when I can by doing a bunch of small, easy projects.

I started with a classic: the old paint-the-inside-of-a-jar/cup/vase.
Painted vase DIY | raisonné blog

Another oldie-but-goodie: chalkboard-painted jar lids (side note: I now want to paint my entire apartment with chalkboard paint).
DIY chalkboard jar lids | raisonné blog

I never knew how much I needed a match-striker in my life until I read this tutorial by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. This is super easy – just throw a bunch of matches in a container and glue a piece of the striking paper on the bottom. The end.
DIY match striker | raisonné

As a kid, I used to spend hours making beaded earrings and necklaces. Over the long weekend, I finally dug out my needle nose pliers and put together a simple pendant necklace using pieces from a pair of old earrings.
Pendant necklace DIY | raisonné blog

Since I wasn’t starting from scratch, this project was really easy – all I had to do was remove three beads from an earring by opening the existing wire loops, and then hook the beads onto the chain.
pendant necklace DIY | raisonné blog

Can’t beat instant gratification.

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  1. myhartjie says

    \O, if I could just get started on all the DIY thingies I’ve wanted to do! Kudos to you :)

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