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Happy Weekend!

Vermont vineyard | raisonné blog

This week was a bit nutso, so I’m pretty excited to do absolutely nothing for a little while this weekend. I’m thinking couch, ice cream, possibly a few Law & Order re-runs… sounds like a great Friday night to me.

Hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend! Here are a few links I enjoyed this week.

– It’s Wimbledon time! Although I’m pretty hopeless at tennis myself, I do love watching it on TV. There’s something about Wimbledon in particular that I love – the crisp white outfits, the tradition, the Britishness of it all…I also enjoyed this insider’s peek into the Wimbledon experience from the one and only Pippa Middleton.

– Two of my favorite bloggers just bought houses! I can’t wait for all of the awesome DIY projects to come. Check them out here and here.

– Speaking of bloggers, I keep rereading this insightful post by Anna of Door Sixteen. A good reminder to give myself permission to fail sometimes.

– Zara always has a great shoe selection – I’m really liking these, a dressier version of my beloved Minnetonkas.

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